Island Rab and Lopar

Island Rab

Rab, an island of beautiful beaches, a marvelous natural diversity, a rich cultural and historical heritage and a tourism tradition for almost 130 years. The island of Rab with the neighboring islets makes the Rab Island group belonging to the Kvarner bay and is located in an extremely favorable position, making it an ideal tourist destination with a mild and pleasant climate. Rab has 8 idyllic places: Banjol, Barbat, Kampor, Lopar, Mundanije, Palit, Rab and Supetarska Draga.

The beautiful and clean sea, the richness of natural and medicinal herbs, field, vineyards and olive offerings make the island of Rab an attractive destination for vacation throughout the year, but also with its recognizable destination and pearl of the Adriatic. Natural wealth, rich history and cultural heritage, as well as traditions and traditions, are the basis of tourism activity, which represents the main economic branch, both in Rab and in the municipality of Lopar. Various manifestations such as Rab's fever, Kantuna and Lopar night attract tourists to Rab for many years.

The beauty of the island of Rab further emphasizes the numerous coves of sandy, pebbly and rocky beaches, colorful and rich underwater, appealing to all diving enthusiasts, forests and parks, and the Kamenjak Hill perfect for those who like climbing. To complete your vacation, we recommend boat trips to the island of Losinj, Cres, Krka, Pag, Island of Bozo or Grgur, and a trip around Rab or the unique fjord Zavratnica. We also recommend trips to Plitvice Lakes National Park or NP Krka, which are far from the island of Rab a few hours drive, and certainly worth visiting.

Island Rab


The place Lopar or the sand paradise, as its hosts like to call it, is one of the eight idyllic spots on the island of Rab. A rich gastronomic offer, a variety of tourist accommodations, rich cultural and historical heritage, a variety of tourist activities (sporting and entertaining character) in one place, provides the tourist with everything he needs for an active but relaxed vacation in one place. Lopar has very favorable geographic and climatic features and not so cold in winter and not so hot in summer making it an ideal place to rest all year round.

Lopar is abundant with sandy beaches, the most famous Paradise beach, followed by Livačina, Sahara, Ciganka (FKK beach), Stolac (FKK) and many others. Everyone will find the beach for themselves, as there is a beach for dogs, nudist beaches, lonely and intimate beaches and beaches with a range of sports and water activities. Small bays are ideal for romantic couples looking for privacy and peace, but also escape from reality.

A rich tourist offer is what attracts every visitor back to our island Rab, Lopar year after year. Excursions to neighboring islands and islands with rich history (Goli island and St. Gregory's Island), numerous events and nightlife in various cocktail bars on the beach and disco clubs. However, the most extensive offer of various sports and entertainment on land and in the sea. Lopar is abundant with young people looking for adventure and recreation so young people can take part in beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis, soccer, basketball, diving, surfing or try jets, parasailing, aquatic, pedal, paraglide cano or waterskiing.

Island Rab - Lopar